Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun videos...

This video is pretty self-explanatory. Jonathan got in the drawer in the kitchen and could not get out. Hilarious...

One of the reasons I love homeschooling...The relationships my older two have with the babies is priceless...

Jaclyn is truly a "girl's girl." She LOVES her "babies" and asks for them as soon as she gets up every morning.

Jonathan LOVES the Wiggles. He especially enjoys dancing with them when they sing. I did not realize until yesterday, though, that he knows all the dance steps to the songs. Here is a short video example. You can't hear the music very well, but watch anyway...

Photography class - Justin

Justin and Jailyn have been taking a photography class on Fridays. They love it and are doing a wonderful job. These are some of Justin's photos from this week...

Photography class - Jailyn

These are some of my favorite pictures that Jailyn has taken so far....


There are very few things I hate more than snakes. Lange was outside a few weeks ago and saw this hanging outside a small hole in the side of our brick going under the house...

He pulled the skin out to reveal this head - all perfectly intact. Yikes!

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Johnny's visit

Lange's Aunt Sharon and Uncle Johnny stopped in for a short visit on their way through to Florida. They had never met Jaclyn before, so it was a treat for them - and Jaclyn!

The Kentucky State Fair

The Krispy Kreme hamburger was the "big" food item this year. Justin loved it...

Jonathan and Jaclyn loved the animals in the exhibit area. Jaclyn called all of them "moo."

Lange and Jonathan got to race tricycles after learning about safety from some policemen.

School and new therapies

homeschool lunch at Chic Fil A - no homeschooler is complete without it

Hooray! SO proud of his work

Jaclyn has taken up cooking while I homeschool. She's a natural...

She is also doing my grocery shopping since I am busy with the others.

We still have to go to Kosair for occasional abdominal x-rays. Jonathan doesn't mind it too much, though, now that we can go to this amazing new facility on Brownsboro Road.

We lost internet access at home the first week of school - and Justin and Jailyn are doing online schooling this year. SO...we ended up at our church trying to work - which mostly ended up in playing as seen in the photo above. Justin found these vests and enjoyed himself immensely at my expense...

Jonathan's wonderful time with First Steps and their awesome therapists ended when he turned three. He is now taking OT with hippo therapy at Green Hill- about 5 miles from our house. His therapist Mrs. Jane is incredible. She works with him on fine motor skills for 30 minutes ever week, then he gets to ride a horse and do fun things for 30 minutes. He LOVES it!

Mrs. Jane and Jonathan

Working hard...

Scoop and pour at home "school" time


We had the wonderful privilege of spending time with both families in NC the end of July and beginning of August. While we were there, we also celebrated Jonathan's 3rd birthday. Because I had my hands full, I don't really have very many good pictures. This first picture is at Lake Gaston where we spent the day with Lange's entire family. It was WONDERFUL! We had birthday cake and opened presents. This is Jonathan with Grandmama seeing his "choo-choo" and cake.

The view from the lake house - beautiful!

Lange's parents and Brad - my nephew - and Julie - my sister-in-law

Jailyn and Justin with my nephew Brandon and Lee - Lange's brother
We left Goldsboro and met my family at Ocean Isle Beach where we spent a few days. Jonathan and Jaclyn had never seen the ocean before. Here are some of my favorite pictures from that trip.

playing on the bed

trying to look "cool"

Memommy and Jaclyn

I have an identical picture to this one from about six years ago with Justin and Jailyn and my niece Chloe - only now it is MY little one with them

investigating the sand castle

my family - funny story - it was like a sandstorm out there when we went to take pictures