Friday, June 27, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Jailyn and I spent the day out together today. We did a little shopping, ate at a tea room, got our toenails and fingernails polished, and finished the day at the Pie Kitchen where we had ice cream and cake and worked on a devotion together about respect. It was a wonderful day!! Oh, and Jailyn got a cool haircut, too...

Our little musician

Jonathan has also developed quite a knack for playing the xylophone. I believe these are all original compositions.... Enjoy!!

So-o-o-o BIG!!!

Thursday was an incredible day for Jonathan. Mrs. Sally came for the first time to work with him. She is a speech therapist. Before she left, Jonathan was: drinking from a sippy cup, sucking a straw (this little 'bear' cup was a homemade contraption to get him going with a straw which he has no trouble with now), eating "puffs", and feeding himself with a little fat spoon. He has continued to do this for me since she left. Sally says that weaning him off the bottle will not be a big deal now because he is already drinking from a straw so well. This is a necessity for him because the jaw work will greatly develop his facial muscles and aid in speech and many other aspects of his life. Hooray for our "little man!" The next step for him is to drink from a regular cup and eat table food...

If you can stand to hear me "baby talking" to Jonathan, watch this video on YouTube of Jonathan eating with me on Thursday... The link is: Enjoy!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

New words

Jonathan's latest trick is saying "da-da." We have tried numerous times to get it on video, and this is the best we can do so far...

Frogs and Baby Birds!

My sister and her two daughters stopped in for a few days on their way back to Iowa. Chloe is the oldest, and she LOVES animals. Every time she comes to see me she has a new animal to show. This time it was a little snail. She asked me yesterday if I had any baby bird eggs at my house. I knew there was a nest in one of our hanging baskets, so I got it down to show her. When I did, a baby bird hopped out and flew a little. Chloe, of course, went nuts and proceeded to pick it up. Not long after, she found our "pet" frog that lives in the flower bed out front. She played with that frog all day long. She made a little house for it and everything. Here are a few shots of her...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Swim therapy

In case you didn't see this, I posted some pictures and a link to a you tube video of Jonathan at swim therapy last week. I started working on it Saturday, so it is under Saturday, June 14th...

Pool surfing

Jonathan, Justin, and Lange enjoying the water... Happy Father's Day, daddy Lange. We love you!!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


We had a blast at our church's Vacation Bible School this past week. Our whole family (minus Jonathan, of course) had the privilege of leading all the little kids in singing and praising the Lord each night in assembly. As you can see from the pictures it was a Hawaiian theme. Jonathan got a "new do" for the event.

Swim therapy

The whole family got to attend swim therapy with Jonathan this week. He is really loving the water. He floats on his back almost totally alone now, and we have experimented with him putting his face in the water. The therapist said that Jonathan will probably swim before he walks. I tried several times to upload a video from his therapy time, but I could never get it to work. Here is a link to the video on You Tube if you are interested in watching... Jailyn was videoing, and it got a little "jittery" toward the end. The link is:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The finished product

And here he is now, my handsome little man...

Jonathan's First Haircut

After swim time on Saturday, I decided Jonathan needed a haircut. His hair had some long places in it. It had grown unevenly because he had to have part of it shaved before surgery right after he was born. Well, I shouldn't have put him in his high chair to do it because he immediately thought it was time to eat. As can see here, he got a little upset, but he tolerated it for the most part.

Swim time

All three of our kids LOVE the water. Here are a few shots from this past Saturday.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Old West pictures

Here is the picture of our family from five years ago and now. We have grown (in more ways than one...)

For Sale...

After much prayer, we have decided the Lord would have us sell our house and downsize some. We love living here, but we want to be in a better position financially to give to the Lord's work and go on short term mission trips. We would love to make a deal with you if you are interested...:-)

Jailyn's creation

Jailyn spent one entire morning building a windmill out of Tinkertoys. Pretty impressive, huh?

Memommy and Papa!!!!

Without a doubt, the highlight of our kids' vacation was getting to spend time with Memommy and Papa!!

Fun times!!!

Chloe and Jailyn



Papa and Sophia
A few more shots from vacation...



One of the highlights of our vacation this year was a hayride in Cade's Cove. We saw several bear, and the man who drove the truck was one of the most interesting story tellers I have ever met. I think he enjoyed us almost as much as we enjoyed him. Our family sang a few songs for him at the end of the ride.

Nice shirts....

My mom bought "special" vacation shirts for all the men in the family. They wore them into Gatlinburg one day, and a waitress came over and asked who we were. We tried to convince her they were a southern gospel singing group. I think she believed us....

Family Photo Shoot

Lange and Jonathan

My niece Chloe

Several years ago we had our picture made in one of those Old West photo shops in Gatlinburg, and we decided to do it again this year just to see how much we have all changed. I will try to scan the photo in sometime, but here is a cute picture I got of Lange and Jonathan in the process.

Pancake Pantry

This is one of our favorite eating places in Gatlinburg! Actually, eating anywhere is a favorite pastime of ours....

Turnbough family vacation

My sister Jessica and her youngest daughter Sophia.

My brother-in-law Luke, sister-in-law Kimberlee, Jailyn, and my brother Jonathan

Lange, Justin, my mom and dad

Lange and Jonathan
My family has tried every year to get together for a few days and just relax. My mom and dad have been so kind every year to plan a wonderful gathering place for us, and this year was no exception. We met in Gatlinburg and stayed in a great big house up on a mountain with an inground pool - which all the grandkids loved. Here are some pictures.