Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March, 2010

Well, we have made it one whole month without spending time at the hospital. Hooray! Jonathan is doing great! He has grown one and a half inches since Christmas, and our follow-up appointment in Cincinnati was a non-event. The doctor said he doesn't need to see us again unless we have a setback of sorts. Jaclyn is crawling/inchworming her way around and eating table food like a big girl. Justin is preparing to go on his annual missions' trip next week with the youth group, and Jailyn just got to move into her new bedroom in the basement this past weekend. We are almost finished - finally!

We had some family in for a visit last week, and the kids particularly had a blast! Here is a sweet picture of Lauryn Little holding our baby Jaclyn. Lauryn LOVED feeding her a bottle. It was like having a real live baby doll!

The babies made a huge mess at dinner tonight, so I decided to put them in the sinks side-by-side for a quick bath. They were funny! You can see now why some people think they are twins when we are out in public. Jaclyn is not too far behind Jonathan in size.

Jailyn really enjoys taking pictures and has become quite accomplished. Here are a few pictures she took in our yard. I love spring! It has been such a long, hard winter in so many ways. Seeing new growth reminds me of the new life we have in Christ.

Justin and Jailyn have been working for almost a year on this idea to have their own business in our neighborhood called J & J Jobs. Their motto is "Serving and Saving." It has a double meaning, of course. Getting the golf cart last fall has enabled them to be mobile around our house. All the houses in our area sit on five or more acre lots, and many people are retired and travel alot. Justin and Jailyn made their own flyers last week offering their services to people to care for their animals, pool, get their mail when they are out of town, whatever. They put one in every mailbox in our neighborhood saying, "Name your own price." Well, they already have three steady jobs, and the first one is going to pay them $100 the first week. Let's just say they were THRILLED and SO thankful that they did not give the man a price. Justin said, "I was thinking like maybe 25 dollars." Jailyn said, "I was thinking maybe 10 dollars." Lange and I said, "Why didn't WE think of doing this ourselves?!?"