Friday, November 14, 2008


Lange and I also had a big surprise... for EVERYONE in our family. Can you read Jonathan's shirt? It says, "I'm going to be a big brother!" Lange says that the first picture shows how I (mommy) feel about this. The second picture shows how Lange, Justin, Jailyn, and Jonathan feel about it. I am due in early July. We are happy about this new blessing.


Justin got a few surprises for his "all-important" 12th birthday. The first is that Memommy showed up on an airplane....WITH a Big Baby Taylor guitar all for Justin. He was SUPER-excited.

Happy Birthday, Daddy, Justin, and Mommy!

All of our birthdays fall in the same week. We are the November "turkeys!"

Our "big" little giraffe

Jonathan enjoyed dressing up for our Fall Festival. As usual, he enjoys anything that involves him getting attention.

Jailyn for Palin

Jailyn dressed as Sarah Palin for Halloween. Jonathan, of course, was "Trig" in a giraffe costume. Cute, huh?