Monday, September 29, 2008

Buddy Walk

We are raising money for the Buddy Walk this Saturday to support Down Syndrome of Louisville. Jonathan has raised almost $600!!! We named his team "Team Little 'j'", and we made a poster for the sponsors to post along the walk on Saturday. Jonathan decided he wanted to play peek-a-boo while we were trying to take the picture yesterday.


Jailyn's first soccer game was this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day, and we all had fun...

Corn maize

We also got to go through a corn maize which was a little scary and a lot of fun!

Little farmer

Jailyn found this little John Deere tractor for Jonathan to ride, and he loved it - especially when he noticed the big tractor right next to him.

Huber Farm

We got to go to this wonderful place out in the country with some friends of ours from church a few weeks ago. The kids got to ride a chicken, and Jonathan got to ride a PONY! How exciting!!!

Jailyn's creations

Jailyn is always making something - either in the kitchen or in her room. She had to make a mummy for "school", so she decided to wrap her tiger in toilet paper.

I found several random pictures of this "car" on my camera, too. I guess she is proud of it as well...

More from the Shaker Village

Justin got to ride up front on the wagon ride

Jailyn with the horse and wagon

A beautiful winding staircase

We also took a riverboat ride late in the day

Shaker Village

We went to a great place for Labor Day (yes, a month ago). It is near Lexington. It is an original Shaker village. We learned much about these people's religious beliefs and got to spend the night in an inn there that had been in existence for almost two hundred years. We also ate good food - which is always a necessity.

The 'fam'

Daddy reading "Where the Red Fern Grows"

Jonathan enjoying juice from a "big boy" cup

An old highway sign at the village

This neat lady performed some original Shaker hymns in the church building.


Okay, so my friends tease me that I only update about once every two months and then there are about 20 posts. Sorry about that. I only set aside time every once in awhile to do this, and when I do there is always a lot to catch up on... SO, here goes...