Friday, May 23, 2008

Last Day!!!

Today was a bittersweet day for mommy but a day of celebration for Justin and Jailyn. It is the last day of school - but more importantly, it is the last day of elementary school for Justin. He will begin middle school in the fall. It seems like just yesterday that he was graduating from kindergarten. We were laughing last night about the part he had in his K-5 graduation program... How quickly the years are passing.

Awards Day

Justin and Jailyn had awards day at Whitefield on Wednesday morning. Daddy Lange went with them. They both received awards. Jailyn got the 3rd grade award for "cheerfulness." She also got a special certificate for winning the spelling bee earlier in the year. Justin got the 5th grade award for "trusting God." His teacher spoke of all that Justin had faced with regard to Jonathan and just the newness of school and how that he showed an unwavering faith. He also got two awards for AR points. These are calculated based on how many books you read in a year. We are very proud of them!!

Little Gator

I don't know of a cuter Gator fan anywhere!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Giggles and smiles...

Daddy can always make me smile!!!!

Fine Arts Festival

The kids had an arts festival at school this past Tuesday. Here are a few pics from that.


My sister Jessica and her family came through earlier this week on their way to Charlotte. Here are a few pics of her family with us...

Saturday mornings....

This is a picture of Jailyn doing her favorite thing - cooking breakfast with daddy on Saturday morning. It has become quite the tradition around our house and becomes more elaborate each weekend...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family Update

I am not one to "blog" my thoughts, but I wanted to give friends and family an opportunity to stay updated on our family through pictures and videos. Most of our extended family is spread out across several states, and then we have dear friends from previous ministries who are much like family as well. This last year has been an amazing ride for our family. We added a new little one to our Patrick clan. Jonathan was born last July, and he is our miracle baby. Since birth, Jonathan has had two surgeries - one to correct a small issue with his intestines at birth and open heart surgery this past January to correct a complete AV canal. Jonathan is in great health now and is growing by leaps and bounds. For right now, we do not anticipate any more surgeries. Here is a recent picture of Jonathan. He weighs 14 and 1/2 pounds now!!

Justin, our oldest son, is 11 years old and will be beginning middle school in the fall. He recently got contacts, so he looks a lot different now. This is a picture we took on a recent trip to Gatlinburg.

Our daughter, Jailyn, is 8 years old and completing the 3rd grade. She is a great help to me and loves her baby brother. This is a picture Lange took of her while we were hiking in Gatlinburg.

Lange, my husband and daddy to our three, works here in Louisville at Highview Baptist Church's East campus. I am a full-time wife and mommy. Most of my days are filled with therapy and doctor's visits for our special little "man" Jonathan.

Enough writing for now. I am going to add some pictures and videos. Enjoy!